Extensions In Surrey & Berkshire

Maybe you would like a light, open space in which to relax, to provide clients with a relaxing waiting area or simply more space; an extension can provide all of these things and more. Extensions can revolutionise your work space or how you feel about the home you live in. If you find your family home or place of business no longer comfortably accommodates your family or meets your needs, extensions provide a cost effective and far less stressful alternative to relocating.

Thinking about or planning for the addition of a residential or commercial extension in surrey or Berkshire? Then, deciding to add an extension onto your existing property can be both an exciting and daunting idea. There are, in most cases, almost limitless options when it comes to size, shape, windows and glass panelling and/or brickwork. An extension can also change or alter your garden space, indoor living spaces and will usually require an insurance policy against the project. Don’t let your dream extension, become a nightmare.

One of the services we specialise in at Brickscapes Building and Landscaping is in building extensions in Surrey and Berkshire.  With our expertise and experience, the Brickscapes team can assist you in the planning and design of your ideal extension. Because our builders are highly trained in a number of building skills, we can also demolish or repair any existing extension, re-landscape your garden to accommodate a new extension or plan, and complete extension in the Surrey and Berkshire areas.

Brickscapes building and Landscaping provide extensions for both commercial and residential properties. Hence, we have valuable experience managing extension projects for a wide and diverse range of customers and clients. So, if you are looking for extensions in Surrey or Berkshire or would like some help in designing and planning an extension, contact us at Brickscapes Building and Landscaping.

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